Sea Anemone

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Sea Anemone

A Sea Anemone is half plant and half animal. These beautiful beings are especially useful for people going through their own personal identification situations, whether this is sexual or philosophical. Sea anemones are ancient life forms and there are over a thousand different variations living in earth’s waters.


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Is a sea anemone a plant or an animal?

Some life forms help us see where evolutionary splits can occur. The beautiful, poisonous, gentle, tough sea anemone is one of these. According to studies at the University of Vienna, published in 2014, the sea anemone contains a genetic code that places its origins at a 600 millions of years old point (N.B.: or even older) where animals and plants on earth were one and were just beginning to diverge.

Michaela Schwaiger, a researcher at the University of Vienna, was part of the team that studied the genetic code of the sea anemone. The team found that “microRNAs in the sea anemone have similarities to those found in both plants and animals. That suggests these microRNAs probably evolved before plants and animals diverged long ago, and provides an evolutionary link between plant and animal microRNA.” (As reported in Live Science.)

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