Rock Spirits of Second Beach

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Rock Spirits of Second Beach

The wild rocky beauty of the beaches along the Olympic Peninsula are awe-inspiring and powerfully energizing. This is a famous Sea Stack at Second Beach. It is photographed a great deal for its sheer beauty. But how many people have connected to the spirit of the Sea Stack itself?


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Spirit Diagram

Second Beach, Forks, Washington is sprinkled with Sea Stacks – large rock outcroppings that are sometimes surrounded by sand at low tide and ocean at high tide.

Look closely at this massive beauty and shift your focus. As you shift your attention to different energetic frequencies, different images may appear. I’ve graphed some of them for you. There is one on the main stack, looking right; and another on a small secondary stack, looking left

These images represent aspects of this particular Sea Stack’s personality. They are energies that this rock spirit has chosen to reflect upon and seek to embody. Each side of the stack also has its own stone beings.

Nature Spirit Left Side

Spirit Head Profile Right Side

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