Rescue of Humans During Earth Change

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Rescue of Humans During Earth Change

An artistic black & white photograph of the 400 foot tall stone mural commemorating the rescue of humans and animals by the inner earth Ant People. Includes descriptive text

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This art photograph has been released in the following size and edition number. Please contact me if you have needs of a different size print:

Details: Internally photographically framed image on 11 x 14 inch paper, no mat | edition: 50

The Ancient Legend

This interdimensionally-created mural honors the rescue and sheltering of Native Americans and animals inside the earth by the inner earth Ant People during two of the catastrophic changes that have occurred in earth history – destruction by fire and later by ice. This mural is located in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Co.

It is told down through the generations, in Native American story, that the Ant People took groups of virtuous humans into their underground homes and protected and taught them until the earth was safe for humans to once again walk in the sun.

This story is commemorated by interdimensional artists, in a hundreds of feet tall bas relief. The figures in the story are of a lighter whitish stone set into the red stone around them. Below is a diagram of the mural.

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Ant Mural Diagram

Print Details

This is a limited edition art photograph and is available only until its designated run length is reached.

I handprint each photograph myself, using archival-quality ink on 60 lb 10 mil thick acid free archival-quality matte paper. The image is signed and numbered on the back and arrives with its own uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The digital watermark visible on the internet view of this piece is not present on the print itself.

I offer free shipping within the United States. The photos are shipped taped between two mat board backings, inside a custom-size heavy cardboard envelope/sleeve.

Contact me by email – – for shipping to other countries.

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