A Prayer and a Scream

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A Prayer and a Scream

Growing just inches away from each other, these two budding Bloodroots have taken different approaches to life. On the left – a prayerful heart. On the right – an all-in-the-head worrier. I came back a few hours later and found the confident lad blooming nicely while the worrier was still sheltering inside his leafy home.

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A Prayer – showing how it is internally framed

Some aspects of a being’s personality are there from the start. Take these two Bloodroots. They are growing within a few inches of each other – and yet their attitude to their lives are totally different.

The budding Bloodroot on the left is all in the heart and is taking the blossoming of his life in a prayerful manner. He is at peace.

The budding Bloodroot on the right in all in the head and is freaking out at all the problems he is certain to be facing in his life!

I discovered these two ephemerals along a path through the Morton Arboretum woods. Their emotions – especially the little fellow all in a tither – were so strong that they drew my attention. Even the colors of the developing leaves are different on each, the prayerful fellow a nice solid green and the frightened fellow a pale yellow green.

I spent some time photographing these two then continued on my walk. When I returned later, I found the heart-centered lad was blossoming confidently while the all-in-the-head lad was still hiding away inside his leafy home.

This collage comes

internally framed on archival paper.

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