Prairie Storm

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Prairie Storm

An on-coming storm is sweeping over the Indiana prairie, the awesome play of light and dark dominating the small manifestations of humanity that rest so delicately on earth’s surface.

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Large fields of varied-colored crops are punctuated by – perspective wise – tiny buildings housing the land’s stewards. Nature rules here and people are in service to its whims.

Awesome cloud formations and rapidly shifting cloud shadows signal on-coming storms. It is Nature the Artist on display! It is also the storm beings at play, which I did not see until an art appreciator at an exhibition this image was a part of – pointed that out.  How many storm beings do you find?

As a transplanted East Coast city dweller, I originally felt uncomfortable with the vast open views the prairie states provide. There is often nothing in the way of unobstructed views of grass and sky that can go on for fifty miles and more. East Coasters are used to hills and valleys, vales and groves where you can hide or others be hidden. We keep our auras pulled in as shells of protection while passing hundreds of people on the sidewalks of canyoned city streets.

I wasn’t consciously aware of this difference until one day, sometime after moving to the Midwest, I was driving along Rte 90 through fields of summer crops. Suddenly I felt this vibrating in my body and then a small explosion of energy. My auric field had burst its city shell and expanded from one edge of the prairie horizon to the other. Such an amazing feeling of freedom to just grow and be!


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