Pontiff and His Dog

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Pontiff and His Dog

Perhaps this cedar once lived at a monastery, retaining the memory of a reflective cleric staring into a visionary distance while patting his affectionate dog. Now this bleached tree giant lives at the Rialto Beach Cedar Graveyard, Washington State.

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Tree Graveyard

Some call it a Cedar Graveyard but I understand it to be an interdimensional sculpture garden.

These behemoth cedars are full of wood sculptures carved by artists of other dimensions. It is a delight to visit and appreciate. The cedars are washed up on to the Pacific Coast shore at Rialto Beach, WA then bleached white by the weather, over centuries of time.

This image of a contemplative and his dog is full of fond memories the tree being had once experienced.

Atala Toy at Oxford Art Alliance

This portrait study was selected for a juried exhibit of regional photographers, at the Oxford Art Alliance, PA.



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