Owl Totem

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Owl Totem

This oak tree art piece shows an owl perched on the world turtle who is floating in the cosmic ocean.

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This interdimensionally created oak tree art piece shows an owl perched on the world turtle who is floating in the cosmic ocean.

This is a living totem pole that artists of another dimension created in the oak tree at the entry way to a young couple’s recently established spiritual retreat center.

The Meanings of the Owl and Turtle

The image is a triple symbol for wisdom in service of earth that acknowledges three major cultures. The oak tree for the Druidic European culture, the owl with a tilaka mark in the middle of her forehead representing the Far Eastern yogic cultures and the sea turtle representing the Native American tradition of the earth as a turtle in the middle of the cosmic ocean.

The sea turtle is a bit harder to see at this angle. He is in a round circle of pointed ocean waves, just below the owl, and is facing left, his head partially hidden by the leaves and one of his flippers hanging down.

The owl can be seen in two positions – with her wings down, observing the land below; and with her wings up, about to take flight.

Trees Reflect the Energies of the Land

The couple, who lived in Barrington Hills, Illinois, eventually had to close down their spiritual project and left for other parts of the world. In a later visit to that property I found this spiritual image had disappeared from view. This situation demonstrates how the forces of spirit can change about seemingly solid objects to meet the energetic parameters of changing situations.

This is an updated version of one of my vintage photographs.

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