Ornate Fungi

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Ornate Fungi

It’s a warm and sunny October day and the woodland is ablaze with life celebrating the season…including these various fungi decorating an old tree trunk.

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I came upon this fungi on an absolutely gorgeous October day walking through the sunlit woods of Chellberg FarmIndiana Dunes, Indiana. He was shining in all his glory on a much-decorated fallen tree. The tree was now hosting a number of different life forms…and he was the star – a “loner” among the various communities of fungi that surround him.

I was entranced by his proud magnificence and the beauty in the lines of his growth. He has all the poise and pride of a classic Shakespearean actor performing for his admiring audience of other fungi.

Time has such different meanings for different life forms. This fungi was at the height of his mature splendor. He is gone for several years now…but as many traditions tell us – as long as one is remembered, they still exist. To have captured his presence on camera means, to me, this handsome being still exists, above time and space, offering the wisdom and beauty of his being to the focused viewer…

This is a White Grifolo Frondosa (a fairly rare white hen of the woods – this is a young version of it – it gets grey as it ages)

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