Ogham Message from the Underworld

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Ogham Message from the Underworld

Ominous bark faces are next to what looks like ogham-style messages. Are these simply formed from the travels of bark beetles or is there a message we need to decode?

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Ogam Message from the Underworld

bark beetle tree

This image (left) can be read many ways. It is a complex abstract art piece. It is a sad commentary of the destructives of the various beetle invasions we have been experiencing in recent years. And…might it also be an ominous message – a message written in an ogham-like script as though emanating from written beside dark underworld beings, similar in tone to Mayan pictograms?

These marking are sculpted into a now-barkless dead tree who once grew along the banks of the Fox River, in St. Charles, IL. Shown here is the close up of the markings, the full tree and at its base….is that a tree portal into the underworld, along with its guardian spirit?

tree portal St Charles

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