New Atala Toy YouTube Channel

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New Atala Toy YouTube Channel

I’ve collected  videos of many of my free lectures for various organizations, as well as some fun Instagram reels of mine, at my new YouTube Channel.  Head over there to explore over 45 different options.

More Information

You can now visit one location – Atala Toy Channel – on YouTube – to see a selection of the reels, interviews and workshops I’ve given over the years for various organizations, including for Crystal Life Technology (my company I recently retired from) and for my current company Atala Toy LLC.

Whether you are interested in learning how to connect with nature beings, want to enjoy visiting with nature beings, or just want to be entertained for awhile – you can find an option in the more than 45 different options. Here are three viewing options, to get you started –

A classic lecture on nature beings and interdimensional communication, offered at the Theosophical Society

My most recent talk, offered at Crosslands Community, on “How to Talk with a Tree”

A fun reel originally posted on Instagram, showing a collection of my photos of Gnomes


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