Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides & Ghosts

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Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides & Ghosts

This is an easy-to-read book that enables you to both enjoy and learn about the worlds of fairies, ghosts, spirits of place, and many other life forms. Atala provides stories from her work as a professional interdimensional communicator and a nature spirit photographer. She offers instruction on how to communicate with these life forms, and how take their photographs.  Books are $18.95 each. To order your own copy, hand-signed by the author, click the order tab below.

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If communicating with, and photographing, nature spirits seems like an interesting concept, you might enjoy reading the book I wrote about this experience. It’s called Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings of Other Realms. Here’s some information about the book, written by its publisher, Quest, and some of the many comments I’ve received. CLICK HERE to read more about this book. You can order a signed copy by clicking on the order button below. You can also order it (unsigned), and a Kindle download, from  


About This Book

Boulders laugh, trees talk, and practically each patch of ground has meaning, in Atala Toy’s experience. Faeries, angels, ghosts, orbs, and spirits of place are just some of the life forms with whom she helps us attune-and shows us how to record their image! Readers will cherish her rare combination of esoteric wisdom and practical guidance. With substantive clarity, she explains time travel, portals, dowsing, negative and positive vortexes, balls of energy known as merkabahs, ley lines, and orbs-the plasma of some life form visible to human eyes or to cameras, many of which are nature spirits who enjoy being around happy energy and so are often seen at parties and spiritual gatherings.

A professional interdimensional communicator, Atala is up to the minute in her understanding of the emerging field of spiritual sciences and the correlations between modern physics and ancient metaphysical traditions that perceive the oneness of all nature. We all communicate interdimensionally every day, she says. We just don’t know it, and so we lose out on the many ways to receive help from the other life forms who share our space. Drawing on her own and her clients’ experiences, she teaches through colorful stories and her own powerful photographs. Titles include “The Ghost Who Washed Dishes,” “The Haunted Hotel,” “The Guardian of the Spring,” “The Horse Who Knew More Than His Owners,” “The Jilted House,” “The Stranded Gnome,” “The Moss Faery,” “The Owl on Turtle Island,” and “The Balsam Who Loved the Birch.” She also includes lessons explaining the energetic principles of the situation; simple exercises for mastering the principle contained in the story; and tips for photographing other life forms using technology available to anyone, such as digital or even cell phone cameras.

Looking Through the Veils

By entering the fascinating realm of this book, the reader will join the growing number of people aware of subtle energy and able to see through the veils between dimensions. Not only is this possibility personally enriching, it serves a broader purpose as well. Needless to say, the planet and everything on it is at a critical juncture. In damaging the earth, we have damaged the nature beings’ home as well. It is therefore strongly in their interest to assist us in transforming the earth into something better. This book shows us how to learn from and enjoy them in a most delightful way.

Here are comments from readers:

Grand ExperimentHere are some of the comments I’ve received over the years, from various experts and readers.

“Finally – a refreshing, inspiring AND practical book on working with nature intelligences. I believe everyone, even people very familiar with earth healing and energywork, could learn a lot of new things from this book. There are practical exercises sprinkled throughout the book, that I feel are presented in a way that is easy to understand and implement. The author clearly has a deep connection, understanding of and love for the nature realms, and that is reflected on every page. This is a book I will return to often, and would be my #1 recommendation to anyone genuinely looking to connect with faeries and the otherworldly realms.” – Review by Nymphidium on

“This is a much needed book in a time when so many more people are becoming aware of invisible worlds such as orbs, vortexes, other life forms and dimensions. Atala has written a fascinating guide book that brings to light how to communicate, understand and safely work with these worlds. She is a well experienced and wise Soul that has studied and taught on this subject for many years. Prepare to be amazed.” Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT, international author of “Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future” – Review on

“I wanted to contact you and thank you for the gift of the information in your two books, “Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts” and “We Are Not Alone”. I initially read Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts and I feel this book “found me” after I had consciously asked the universe for a great spiritual teacher with concepts and ideologies that would resonate in me and lead me further on my path towards what I am truly here for. I could not put it down. It was utterly fascinating and beautifully written. So I bought We Are Not Alone and was even more blown away to be honest.

“I am sure many will have told you this and you already know it yourself, but you are a true visionary with great lessons to teach and you stand with all the other highly evolved way showers and agents of authentic light. Thank you for helping those of us that walk behind you; you have a great gift to help others see things that were hidden to them that have been trying to find them.” – GB

It takes courage to write a book like this, but Atala meets the task with wit and honesty. If you have never consciously interacted with spirits, this book will help you do so safely. If you have already had encounters, and are hungry to know more, this book may provide the insights you seek for taking the next step. Susan Collins, Dowser of the Year

“Atala Dorothy Toy takes amazing photographs that explore myriad ways nature and  people are interconnected. With her characteristic warmth and wisdom, she inspires others’ exploration. Urging readers to sit and observe, reach out in peace, and work in community, she offers powerful lessons and practical exercises that nurture interdimensional photographers. I’m inspired!” —Donna Latham, author of Ghosts of the Fox River Valley and Ghosts of Interstate 90

“With deep respect for Atala’s vision, I recommend her new book. The stories and photographs and her insights into ‘feeling’ and communicating with interdimensional beings will expand and bring balance to the way we view ‘reality.’” —Francene Hart, visionary artist

“Atala Dorothy Toy gives you an energy road map through pictures, stories, and exercises. Team up with your inner guides and shift, perceive, and communicate with all that is. Be prepared to embark on a remarkable journey that will open you up to a richer and fuller life as you connect and communicate with energies that affect you and world consciousness.” —Nancy Grace Marder, executive director of Infinity Foundation

You can order this book by clicking on the photo. I hand-sign each book. It is also available (unsigned) on

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