Nature Spirits of Rainbow Point

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Nature Spirits of Rainbow Point

This scenic cliff is the residence of the area’s Lady of the Rocks who is looking over her mountain domain  (right cliff). Her admiring elf chieftain military commander and his attache watch over her and her domain (left cliff)


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A large community of nature spirits lives at  Rainbow Curve, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rainbow Point Vista

This section of the park is extremely scenic but what intrigued me first about this location, and still does, is the love story. Sculpted into the very tall cliffs is the image of an elfin chief on the left who loves, admires and serves the Lady of the Rocks seen on the right cliff. They have been protecting this pass for centuries. The elfin chief is accompanied by his military chieftain (below him) and the Lady is accompanied by a sharp-nosed crone (or perhaps a dog?)(below her). The elf chieftain is in service to the Lady of the Rocks, while the Lady is concerned with the welfare of the valley below, and of all the comings and goings of nature in the area.

A Faery Elder looks out over his mountain domain, accompanied by a short-haired military attendant

The Lady looks out over her mountain domain, accompanied by her attendant dog


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