Nanny Tree and Heart

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Nanny Tree and Heart

A loving, comforting nanny tree with a fancy heart…what nice energy cared for the little girl who liked to play in what was one time her special garden. This is a Princess Tree, planted for the granddaughter of one of the DuPonts who originally owned famed Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. It embodies the energy of that loving nanny who cared for that child.

More Information

Planted for a beloved granddaughter, this expressive tree has a very large heart on its skirt. It’s official name is the “Princess Tree” –  Paulownia Tomentosa, part of the Bignonia Family, from China. The tree was named in honor of a Russian Princess named Paulownia. Its wood is specially prized for carvings. While Americans consider the tree an invasive, Europeans value it for its decorativeness and its wood.

The tree lives at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA – a location that was originally the Pierre S DuPont estate.

Specially Planted

The story goes that this particular charming alcove was a favorite playing area for a granddaughter and the tree was planted especially for her.

What a charming lady this tree is, with a long turn-of-the 20th century skirt and up high a tree eye surrounded by protective tree hands. Perhaps she was a governess the child was fond of, who was especially protective of the child…

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