Mt Washington from Intervale

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Mt Washington from Intervale

Autumn colors are at their peak. Looking across the Intervale valley to Mount Washington, far right.

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It’s autumn – the most glorious time of the year for the Northern woodlands of America. The trees are cloaked in vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. Mountainsides and lake surfaces become colorful abstract paintings.

I was fortunate to take a several week autumn photography trip last fall and reveled in capturing the season’s essence across these Northern woodlands – Michigan to New Hampshire. So in my blog, for one week in this COVID restricted world, we are going to celebrate the freedom to wander through nature’s autumn spirit.

We’ll start in the Conway area of Northern New Hampshire – my family’s ancestral home. This is a famous view from the main road below my son’s home. The area is called Intervale and you are looking looking across the Mount Washington Valley to the mountain itself, far right.

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