Mother’s Kiss

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Mother’s Kiss

A mother deer lovingly kisses the forehead of her mischievous child. This art piece was created interdimensionally in the root system of a weathered great tree that resides on a Munising, Michigan beach on the rugged coastline of Lake Superior.

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Mother’s Kiss Root Syste

This scene of the Mother’s kiss rests inside this up-ended root system (right).

Trees will on occasion craft into their trunk images of stories that have affected them. Sometimes, in up-ended trees, I will find a story in the root system.

This tree must have sheltered a family of deer at one time whose love was especially intense. The tree drank in that love, clear down to its roots.

The affection of the universal mother for her mischievous child is the result.

This is a sunset scene on one of Munising, Michigan‘s beautiful beaches.


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