Mother Bows Down

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Mother Bows Down

The Earth Mother is compassionately bowing down to comfort those who grieve. This live oak was born during the Crusades – over 900 years ago – and has lived through many earth eras. She is the nodal tree (energy holding tree) of the Civil War era Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC. Inside her (rear area) are two birds, symbols of the eternal soul – a large bird in protective profile and a smaller wisdom owl full frontal.

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Angel of Death

This much loved live oak is believed to be over 900 years old. That places her birth around 1119 A.D. – the time of the Crusades and the founding of the Knights Templar. Just recall how many changes, joys and sorrows this compassion tree has experienced over her lifetime! Nature’s creatures…native peoples…life as a central tree of a large Southern Plantation…life as part of a planned beautiful cemetery founded in 1849,,, life suddenly changed into a battlefield and campsite during the Civil War…people born, loved, fought with, died, mourned for…she has seen it many times over and her compassion runs deep.

Seen to the right is a multi-view art piece in one of the Mother’s branches, of the angel of death carrying away a human soul.

Mother lives at the historic Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC and has been photographed back as far as the start of the 1900s. CLICK FOR STORY

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