Monarch Butterfly on Pink Orchid

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Monarch Butterfly on Pink Orchid

Irish folk legend says that when you see a yellow butterfly, it means the departed soul of your loved one is resting at peace.

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I was focusing on photographing these lovely pink orchids when this Yellow Monarch Butterfly came by for a visit.

Butterflies are a symbol for the soul and for hope. They help us understand that the process of seeming end-of-existence death (the caterpillar appears to die and is wrapped in the tomb of the cocoon) … is only the passage by which life attains the liberating free flight of the soul.

Pink is the color of the universal mother in many of the world cultures. So I prefer to look at this photo as the soul of the departed loved one preparing to drink deeply of the sweet nectar of the universal mother.

I have been attracted to my collection of butterfly photos lately…I believe spirit wants to spread wide the belief in the reality of the soul. So many of us need that reassurance right now.

We also need the message of this yellow butterfly – that our dearly departed are now at peace.

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