Love Story in Stone

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Love Story in Stone

This is a love story told in stone, drawn by the nature realm’s Guardian of Place. It depicts a young woman dreaming of her lost love – a handsome lad with a magnificent physique who left her to pursue the spiritual life. You see her full face as a young woman and side face as a crone who now holds her cat in her heart. This bas relief is carved of liesegang bands (sandstone and iron) and resides in the Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Park, Illinois.

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Love Story Diagrammed

I want to emphasize that if you went to this location, you could walk through it and see none of this. If you are hiking through, grounded in the normal perceptual range of our human dimension, you might simply feel happy and inspired by the scenery. That happened to me, and it happens to the many other hikers who pass me by when I am photographing some aspect of this area. They see nothing but – rocks.

To the right is my graphing of the story in this bas relief. You can read the details of this story HERE and see the story in a short video I made of the mural, called A Love Story Told in Stone.


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