Love Story of Soul Mates

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Love Story of Soul Mates

True love of soul mates is sculpted here. A young couple are facing each other, sculpted into abutting cliffs, while between them grow two tall trees, their roots entwined and descending in a root heart.

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Two trees with entwined roots forming a heart

In our human terms, we would say this scene explores a love story about two soul mates. All the images in this area were sculpted by the Guardian of Place, an advanced nature being. He is tell his life story, and that of the woman who loved him.

Soul mates are connected at their very roots of existence. The two are a couple from the point of creation and they always inwardly work together no matter what the outer circumstances appear to say. They are working on self-perfection as a team.

This is the underlying theme of the mural itself. The story is of the sacrifices made by the couple for the sake of spiritual growth. The Guardian is acknowledging, in the mural, the everlasting love of the woman for him, and the love experiences offered and sacrifices made in their journey.

Shown to the right is the intertwining of roots of two trees – down into the forming of a heart.

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