Love Story of the Balsam and the Birch

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Love Story of the Balsam and the Birch

This balsam and this birch grew up next to each other, were deeply in love, and reached out to create a permanent kiss. Their love endured over time and as they aged. They are a favorite couple of the Deva of this New Hampshire State Forest site, who explained their story to me. A wonderful image of the universal nature of true love – perfect to focus on or energize your home.


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These two trees grew together for many years, in the forest surrounding Cathedral Ledge State Park, North Conway, NH

Balsam and birch in a kiss, seen from below.

They are a match arranged by a nature deva who decided that, in her domain, she would pair the rather stern, silent but hardy balsams with the softer, gentler white paper birches. The balsams could help support the birches in the winter, and the birches could help soften the balsams’ stern tendencies.

I came upon this story, and a loving balsam-birch couple, one warm sunny summer day. I was walking through the woods when I heard them whispering to each other “I love you” – a deeper male voice and a softer female voice. I stopped to watch and listen, and took some photographs.

CLICK HERE to read the story of this specific couple and how steadfast the balsam was, even as the birch dies…

CLICK HERE to read the story of how their love is one of several variations in which a deva matched the stern New England balsam with the softer white birch.



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With a personal library of tens of thousands of her own nature spirit photographs, Atala is now working on comprehensively cataloguing the various type of beings who regularly use trees and rocks as their personal canvases. The material on this website is part of her work.  Atala has authored three definitive books on this topic – available, signed by her, on this website. We are Not Alone: A Guidebook to Interdimensional Cooperation explores the soft science of interdimensional cooperation. Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other Realms offers insight into the complex realms that co-exist with us on earth. Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me is a collection of over 120 of her photographs of nature spirits.

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