Lotsa Friends

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Lotsa Friends

This is a convoluted gaggle of friends who just want to hang out together. They are partying in a eucalyptus tree at Niagara Falls, Canada.

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Gaggle of Friends Diagram

The nature realm has the same basic universal emotions as the human realm. This includes a well developed sense of humor, clowns and jokes.

This collection of seven personalities is bunched together like a gaggle of teen-agers. They depict a wide range of the emotional responses one would find in such an age group.

Top to bottom you can see seven distinct personalities. (I’ve diagrammed the images, below.)

At the top: a stolid heavy-set face is the stabilizing force. Then there is, descending and left to right, the over-bearing pushy one, the snippy a bit mean gossip, the sleepy easy-going personality unfazed by her pushy friends and the wistful dreamer.

Down below a separating band of trunk are other teen-age personalities. There is the outsider who wants in (“please like me”) but is being excluded, and the loner with large eyes who is not interested in the gang’s games and is looking away at other matters.

This summary of teen-age emotions was formed in a eucalyptus tree in the park at Niagara Falls, Canada.

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