Logger and the Rat

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Logger and the Rat

I discovered this social comment tree along the path leading to a famous historical site on Michigan’s upper peninsula. It is called The Log Slide and is located inside the Pictured Rocks National Park. The log slide is where loggers would haul trees that had been cut down and slide them down into Lake Michigan for transport. This photo shows what the nature spirits thought of the human life forms who were doing this work – that they were dumb, and that they were rats for cutting down all their friends the other trees without even a thank you to the trees involved.

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The tree shown here is one of my favorites for explaining just how detailed the nature spirits can be in their tree sculpting, what a keen sense of humor they have, and also how savvy they are on slang usage by us humans. The nature beings are clearly distressed by cutting down of thousands of trees by loggers looking to fill the needs for lumber by a growing nation. But nature spirits are old souls and they have a sense of humor about it all. They must have been trying to tell the lumberjacks not to do this to the land, the lumberjacks were not listening, and so the nature spirits gave up and decided to have a sense of humor about it all, which is depicted here.

It’s interesting to look at “progress” from nature’s point of view. And to consider the ancient Native American way of first thanking the plants and trees, and the animals, for permitting someone to take their lives to sustain or protect that of a human community. It would have been better for all if the loggers had shown some sensitivity and gratitude to these thousands of trees who gave up their lives for human use…

Here are scenic views from the top of the Log Slide Overlook – looking out at the Lighthouse and the long cliff itself.


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