Lightning Portal Trees

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Lightning Portal Trees

Trees that have been struck by lightning are excellent when you are personally working on making difficult lifestyle changes, or just want to renew your inspiration.

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Snake Head Portal

I’ve taken many workshop groups to visit these trees, located in LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, St Charles, Illinois.

They have a very powerful presence, when you take the time to pause and identify with their energy. Between them is a thin veil of energy that creates a natural clearing of frequency. If you are someone out on a walk through nature, and happen to pass between the trees, you may not notice anything more than that you are feeling happy and content. If you are on an energy quest, you can consciously bring up any distressing issues you may be dealing with – and walk through the veil, to gain assistance in disintegrating the discordant debris.

Each tree has a guardian spirit protecting its transformation portal. Here is the snake guardian of the tree to the left in portrait study.

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