Lady of the Rocks, Rainbow Curves

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Lady of the Rocks, Rainbow Curves

The Lady of the Rocks looks out over her mountain domain – a steep valley that descends from Rainbow Curve, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Below her is her accompanying attendant.

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A Faery Elder looks out over his mountain domain, accompanied by a short-haired military attendant

What intrigued me first about this location, and still does, is the love story. This is the Lady of the Rocks – the feminine energy that oversees the birthings and deaths of the nature beings in her domain. She looks out over her valley, in constant vigilance. She is in the right side cliff of the rock formation. On the left side cliff is an elf chieftain and his aide-de-camp – a crewcut being. He watches over the Lady, devoted, vigilant and with love.

A faery elder (left) looks admiringly at the Lady of the Rocks, who is surveying her mountain domain.

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