King of the Rodents

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King of the Rodents

This ornately head-dressed nature spirit has very large ears and as his familiar a large rodent. He is King of the Rodents.

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Lady of the Forest IL

The product photo shows the local the King of the Rodents. He is frowning and in a bad mood. He has elaborate armor that frames his face – a typical nature spirit world armor but fancier than ordinary warriors. He has very large ears and a familiar – seen side view on the right of his face – who is a rodent.

I suspect the King has had to deal with caretakers of the buildings at this site putting out poison for rodents, resulting in members of his domain dying painfully, and he is in warrior mode attempting to rectify the situation.

The other side of this tree (seen left) has the image of a Lady of the Forest who is of the bird clans. She is up high while the rodent is near the ground. The devas of this area – the Fox River Valley, Illinois – have as a theme creating harmony among natural competitors and so this may also be a situation where the deva of the area is holding these two rulers together, to balance out the energies.

This grouping lives at the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve in St. Charles, IL

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