Hermit of Sabino Canyon

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Hermit of Sabino Canyon

The Hermit of Sabino Canyon is a Watcher – a tree spirit who observes hikers crossing a bridge, from under his shaded home at the base of a desert tree. The hermit told me he was very happy to live peacefully alone, and did not want any special attention paid to him.

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I very much enjoyed conversing with this hermit spirit – I felt a great affinity for his solitary journey to acquire knowledge. I found the spirits of the void who live above his head of interest – they are of the depths the hermit has been exploring. I also found it interesting that as part of his personal discipline he was studying various of the passer-bys on the Sabino Canyon, Arizona road that borders his home.

Hermit and Spirits of the Depth

I wrote about this hermit in some detail; you can CLICK HERE to read the story.

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