Wood Elf and the Nature Spirit with a Heart

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Wood Elf and the Nature Spirit with a Heart

A quietly somber nature being lives in this fallen tree, offering protection to small animals and plants. His left eye is a heart. Above him, in the roots of the tree, rests a contented wood elf.

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Wood Elf in Bluebells

In the middle of the fallen tree – its skeleton now the home for a variety of species – rests a somber but compassionate protective spirit. One eye is a well-defined heart.

Below him, on the downside of the hill, is the only bare spot around. Just perfect for a small forest animal to burrow in during winter storms. This is a protective spirit, offering love to the small animals – and plants – of the area.

To the right is a closeup of the wood elf who rests in the root system of the tree.

This happy fallen tree lives at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL.

You can read more about the elf and the nature spirit HERE

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