Guardian of Sheldon Church

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Guardian of Sheldon Church

This art piece received Honorable Mention at the large Chester County Art Association mixed media show.

This gentle contemplative monk-like nature spirit is the Guardian of Place for Old Sheldon Church, Beaufort County, South Carolina. He watches over the grounds and seeks to establish a contemplative energy at a religious site twice burned to the ground in wars that passed through the area.

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Guardians of Place have the responsibility to keep matters energetically aligned in an area and to protect a site to the best of their ability. They can be of the spirit world or a human who has died but remains on the earth plane to care for a special site.

Sheldon Church

The exquisitely constructed Sheldon Church with its massive columns stands in elegant ruins now, having been burned down first by the British in the Revolutionary War and then by the Union Army in the Civil War. As in many areas that have experienced conflict, this nature spirit is working deep inside the earth grid to re-establish healthy, peaceful energy on this piece of land. A sense of holiness pervades the ruins, so it seems humans and nature have done their redemptive work very well.

The Live Oak stands at the entry path to the church, overlooking and protecting it. The Guardian’s face inclines down, at this angle, from one of the Live Oak’s massive branches.

In my photograph of the Guardian, I have applied a background image of the ruins along with a textural wash based on my photograph of the white plaster still visible on the ruin’s interior walls.

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