Gryphon Tree of Central Park

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Gryphon Tree of Central Park

I was told by the nature spirits that the large central feature on this tree is a “Gryphon.“ Not ‘griffin’, not ‘griffon’.” He is a royal gryphon such as one sees on the coat of arms of European royalty – but he lives in Central Park, NY.

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Gryphon Close Up

This is a complex story that I share with you as I heard it from the Nature Spirits themselves. This tree lives on the edge of a large sweep of lawn in Central Park, NY that is not actively utilized for any sports and there is no sidewalk along its edge. It is a perfect setting for gatherings of the trooping fairies – a very European group of nature spirits who love to travel and socialize en masse. AND…this day had seen a full moon the night before – prime party time!

Close Up of Portal Gate

There was evidence, at the base of the tree, that some ?human? understood the tree’s significance and had set up a small gateway at an energetic tree opening.

The story of this tree is so intriguing, I wrote a blog about its many subtle images and attached a small video I made that pans over the tree. CLICK HERE to view it.

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