Welcoming Committee

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Welcoming Committee

This is a greeting tree. It is bringing many of the nature spirits together to greet the thoughtful folks who use the Sterling Morton Library that it faces. The “crowned energy” is a friendly, faithful dog.

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This is the welcoming committee of nature spirits who have gathered in front of the Library at Morton Arboretum.

These nature spirits make their headquarters in this very large statement tree that grows just outside the library, at the intersection of three paths.

Hundreds of serious scholars visit the library each day, where Morton Arboretum houses its senior staff and a renown library filled with scientific studies of trees, plants and birds.

The nature spirits at the Arboretum want to offer their welcome to the many people who have dedicated themselves to the well-being of trees.

So they gathered a welcoming committee that energetically presides over the path that leads from the library into the Arboretum walking path or parking area.

I’ve diagrammed some of the spirits upper right. The crowned “king” energy is dog – faithful, friendly, protective. He is shown with crown and long body, standing up. In his arm is a serious nature spirit scholar and the dog is sheltering a shy nature spirit in his chest. Just outside the dog form is a puppy (kids are very important at the Arboretum!)

Upper right is a gnome. Next to him is a scowling grouch (always one of them around, eh?) and the crown itself is an intellectually searching spirit.

Morton Arboretum represents the best there is in the world of caring for trees. The spirits of the nature realm have expressed their appreciation in this tree.

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