Greenman of Ryerson

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Greenman of Ryerson

This dreamy Greenman lives in Ryerson Woods, Illinois. His throat chakra is wide open, as he speaks gently to the nature spirits – and humans! – in his area of the creek that gently runs beside him. His familiar animal watches from below.

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Greenman and Eery Beings

This Greenman, who lives at Ryerson Woods, Illinois, is very gentle.

However, above him, on the same trunk, are two ominous dark beings. I’ve often wondered what the story is behind this pairing. The tree is near a pioneer-era cabin and I imagine a young man, striving to survive and raise a family, sitting beneath this tree beside the creek that flows next to it, and pondering the beauty of the woods…and the dark struggle for survival.

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