Greenman of Geneva

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Greenman of Geneva

The Greenmen are the philosophers and teachers of the nature realms. Tall and fine-featured, they keep order in nature. They are distinguishable by their facial armor: Platelets of tree trunk, leaves, and energy that flow back from their face when they come in peace, come forward to protect themselves when danger approaches, and grow flaccid in old age. This Greenman is in the prime of his life, and while the warrior nature is foremost in his energy, he is at peace now.

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Greenman silhouetted against tiles

The green people are the philosophers, activists, teachers and warriors of the nature realms. These nature beings actively wish to cooperate with people of good faith. They can teach you a lot. They very often depict themselves in trees with just their head surrounded by their biological facial armor, which resembles leaves (hence the classic Celtic Greenman drawings of a human looking face with leaves of various trees surrounding it).

The green people are affected by what is going on around them, just like we are. Their surroundings change them. For example, in Geneva, Illinois – my longtime home and work area – I communicated frequently with this relaxed but alert Greenman who resides in a black walnut tree in Wheeler Park, located about a mile from my home.

At this point, we can communicate without my needing to go to the park to physically visit him. This is because of the way the Green People communicate. He explains the trees communicate via a frequency grid which transmits their messages. So he needs only to send the message along the grid from his home to mine.

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