Greenman Mandala

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Greenman Mandala

This mandala is presided over by a Greenman. The mandala is made up of multiple images of the Greenman.

More Information

Here’s a mandala artistically showing a Greenman surrounded by beings from his forest home.

This is good artistic Photoshop fun; I turned a portrait study of the Greenman in the center into a mandala via repetition of form. The resulting patterns make it look like he is resting in a mystical realm filled with spirits peaking out from a bevy of tree branches.

I enjoy this mandala artistically and in that realm it has its own created life  and energy. In terms of being a study of nature spirits – it is imagination, not an actual portrait study. Scientifically, this mandala has created a splendid example of pareidolia – the inclination humans have of seeing faces in random patterns. The multiple repetitions of the portrait seen in the center of the mandala created a piece of fantasy art with the illusion that numerous spirits are surrounding and protecting the Greenman.

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