Greenman of Hoh Rain Forest

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Greenman of Hoh Rain Forest

Not all Greenmen show themselves as having facial armor, which is the typical Celtic depiction. As I understand it right now, this is because, like in all species, the green people have different tasks for their realm. Those I’ve photographed with more peaceful tasks – such as this Hoh Rain Forest Greenman – have instead ornate hair and beard.

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To the right is a long view of this Greenman in his tree home in the magical Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.. He has a magnificent curly beard, mustache and subtle smile worthy of the best of the ancient Sumerian sculptures of the gods. (See the Assyrian Head, below)

This Greenman also kinda reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, with the series of moss-covered branches rising up into the forest canopy like a series of hats…or is that an honoring of all the ancestors who came before him?

Assyrian head | Metropolitan Museum

As I have come to understand (at present), there are different tasks in the realm of the Green People. I have photographed some nature beings who have clearly and specifically identified themselves as Greenmen but are not surrounded by the classic Greenman facial armor/decoration, as depicted in Celtic-origin images (below left). They explain they are part of the realm protected by the Greenman warriors, and are doing other work related to the care and preservation of an environment.

Greenman Plaque (Courtesy of Teresa Ceramics, Etsy)









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