A Gratitude Kiss

© Atala Dorothy Toy

A Gratitude Kiss

An elegant woman plants an appreciative kiss on the nose of a Masked Wood Elf – the chief nature being in charge of this beautiful area of Longwood Gardens. This is a memorial to cooperation between human beings and nature beings for the beautification of nature that Longwood Gardens embodies.

More Information

The partnership of humans and nature is deeply respected at Longwood Gardens and goes back to the late 1700s. Masked Wood Elves often interface with humans seeking to create a beautiful setting. Here nature shows the elf looking two ways – at the human – and turned the other way, going about his business tending to nature. The Lady’s pet dog sits beneath the woman’s head. the nature spirits at Longwood seem to be especially fond of dogs, and fashion their images into many of the trees of the property. This is one of the old cherry trees that bloom in splendor around the Longwood Gardens’ premises. I’ve graphed out the images for you, in the photo below.

Lady and Wood Elf Diagram

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