Grandmother Rock

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Grandmother Rock

This wise grandmother rock (right) watches over her grandchild (lower middle/left), who has a playful, porpoise energy. These stone beings are part of a boulder strewn family that sits atop a pine-covered hill in Estes Park, CO.

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Grandfather Rock

Grandmother is very much the crone – stoic, patient and nurturing. She is babysitting a grandchild – a very playful porpoise-like youngster to the left of the image.

Visiting children love to play among the rocks of this area and each year I’ve visited, their forts have changed in design and location. One year they built over Grandmother. I was shocked at their disrespect and asked Grandmother how she felt about this. Like a true loving Grandmother with grandkids scrambling about her feet, she responded that she rather enjoyed the change and all the joyful energy the children brought. I realized then that while the children played, she was flooding their little energies with the love of nature for humans, something the children will long remember after they are grown….

Here’s a photo to the right of the Grandfather of this small community.

Rock community members include a feisty little warrior, a whale, an elephant and an abusive husband. You can read and see these stories HERE

This rock family lives on a hilltop at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado

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