Grandmother Dressed in Moss

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Grandmother Dressed in Moss

This Grandmother dressed in moss lives on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. She has her arms open wide, a smile on her face, and a very strong cord leading from her heart to the humans driving into the open picnic area that she faces.

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Grandmother | Full Tree Black & White

This Grandmother is so large physically, and energetically, that I never feel I have quite captured the core of her essence. I go back to work on her portrait studies over and over…

Grandmother lives on the West Bank of Lake Crescent, about 18 miles west of Port Angeles, in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.

She lives very humbly in the woods by the path leading to the lake, facing the cars that drive in daily, always smiling, always offering her heart’s love and sustenance to the many different life forms who come by for a bit of peace and fun.

CLICK HERE to see other photographic versions of her that I have done.

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