Grandfather Rock

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Grandfather Rock

This ancient, wise Grandfather Rock presides over a large community of aware boulders, in Estes Park, CO. He is over 8 feet in height. When visiting there, I like to sit in the cubby below his eye, and together we travel into the inner earth to visit his peaceful, secure stone kingdom.

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Grandmother Rock

When I first met Grandfather, I was moving through some major life transitions and uncertain how to proceed. I sat in that dark cubby you see to the right, under his watchful eye, and entered into meditation. Grandfather invited me into his inner family home and I sat surrounded and safe among this diverse family. They invited me to return to visit, from wherever I am, and I have often taken them up on this. They are my extended “Mountain High” family. They are – home.

Grandfather holds the high point on the mountain group. Just below him and to the right is Grandmother. Grandmother is very much the crone – stoic, patient and nurturing. She is babysitting a grandchild – a very playful porpoise-like youngster to the left of the image. (see right)

Among their community members are a feisty little warrior, a whale, an elephant and an abusive husband. You can read and see these stories HERE

Grandfather and his rock community live at the YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO

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