Little Brother

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Little Brother

Sometimes its tough being the little brother, especially when big brother is a star! This sycamore tree lives down the hill from a spectacular old sycamore. Although approximately the same age, this sycamore is not as large as the one up the hill. Little brother – the tree spirit himself – is quite annoyed about the situation!

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Sycamores are the magnificent native display trees in Southern Pennsylvania. Since moving here from Chicago – where Burr Oaks dominate the winter landscape – I have come to enjoy the winter display of the sycamores’ dappled upper-limb bark and ornate branches. They are quite personable and enjoy communicating with all.

You can see this sycamore barely showing down the hill from his big brother, the sycamore star….

CLICK HERE to read more about these sycamores….

Grand Sycamore Face

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