Grand Experiment Portrait Study

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Grand Experiment Portrait Study

The Grand Experiment – the evolution of humanity from the apes – is the theme of this nodal tree in Central Park. You see here a great ape and emerging from the top of his head the intense being in charge of the experiment. Below is the head of an unaware humanoid – the life form they are try to “upgrade.” There are nature spirits to the right and left of this assemblage.

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Grand Experiment

This tree resides in Central Park, NYC. When I travel to New York, I try to visit with the tree. It endlessly fascinates me and each time I come to study it, I see more. I am also energetically refreshed. A good work of art is like that. This is a living masterpiece of art.

The tree stands at the connector point of three paths through Central Park and thousands of people walk by there each day.

There are many reasons why images are formed in trees. In this case, it was explained to me by spirit, the images were fashioned by the deva to recognize and anchor specific energies who are required to interdimensionally work with each other. They must do so in peace.

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