Dowager or Conehead?

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Dowager or Conehead?

I like this tree drawing of a dowager in either a very tall hairdo – or with a conical head. The drawing is so precise and detailed you can tell the artist was doing a portrait study of someone they knew. Exactly what it is telling us about that culture – extra-terrestrial or inner earth – they haven’t yet shared with me.

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Dowager Tree

Here is an image of a being with either a very tall headdress (as in the French Courts of the 18th century Rococo era) – or a being of another dimension with a tall head (remember the Conehead movies?) – The nature spirits didn’t provide information on this image!

Whatever the case – this is a situation where an interdimensional artist constructed a portrait by contouring the bark as we humans might pull a palette knife through paint. Matter works differently for this artist in their dimension!

To the right is a longer view of the tree. It rests above a very subtle tree door, or portal. This tree lives at Good Templar Park in Geneva, Illinois.

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