Go Fetch

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Go Fetch

Nature has a wonderful sense of humor and here, on the right side of Bryce Point, a sun flare came to play ball with a HooDoo puppy and a nature spirit.

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Bryce Point Sunset

A 100 foot tall puppy plays Go Fetch! with an even taller Nature Spirit and a sunset sunflare.

These giant HooDoos live happily and playfully at Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon, Utah. I’d been photographing the amazing valley of hoodoos (right) and as sunset put the valley in shadow, I was heading back to my car. Walking up the long hill, I discovered sunset was still occurring on these white cliffs.

And there, in the magic twilight hour, these two giant beings were waking up and enjoying a game of ball. Just pure happiness on all sides – including mine, in deep gratitude for a beautiful day in a place where rocks rule, admired by thousands of relaxed tourists.

The ball is a definite sun flare – perhaps hitting a speck of red dust that had settled on my camera lens – but its positioning is perfect for this psychic game the two beings are enjoying!


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