Gnome of Sunset Park

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Gnome of Sunset Park

Love that gorgeous long beard on this gnome! He is quite the clown, crossing his eyes to get us to smile and enjoy playing in the park he helps tend.

More Information

This friendly gnome lives in the popular Sunset Woods Park, located in prosperous Highland Park, Illinois. He’s right by one of the main entry paths to the park and loves to send out welcoming energies to all visitors…

…it is good luck to have a gnome appear on a property – it means the inner earth energies are ground good health in the area.

People frequently tell me they wish they could travel and photograph the nature spirits in exotic natural locations. And I tell them…look in your own local area. Nature spirits are everywhere…and, locally, they are more vested in connecting to the humans of the area, to encourage them to respect, value and preserve the natural setting we all live in!

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