A Gnome is Known by His Hat

© Atala Dorothy Toy

A Gnome is Known by His Hat

This young gnome lives at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, NH. He has quite the artistic flare in his attire. Check out his verrrry tall and distinctive hat!



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This gnome has quite the dapper arty flare to his attire. Quite appropriate to the arty area in which he lives. That’s at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center , located in Holderness, NH , in the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee region.

This scenic area has long attracted artists and artisans who find great inspiration in the scenic mountains and crystal-clear lakes.

The Nature Center is popular with local families and tourists alike. Seen to the right is a relaxed – retired? – old gnome with a shorter hat, scruffy beard, lounging near the cafe. His short hat indicates his worker status.

Gnomes like to hang out where there are good-hearted people. They find this a good area in which to do their work, which is the care and prosperity of the earth.

The length of a gnome’s hat is an indicator of their social status. The taller hats indicate the leaders, the shorter ones the “working class.”

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