Gnome at Rest

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Gnome at Rest

This relaxed gnome is lounging near the cafe at the Squam Lakes Natural Sciences Center, NH. He’s decided it’s time to take it easy and enjoy the summer sun.



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This gnome is resting – or is that goofing off? This is a worker gnome who likes to relax under the branches of this tree, next to the yummy smells and treats of the cafe area.

He is wearing a very short hat – a symbol of his worker status – and has a scruffy beard. He is in no hurry to move anywhere!

Gnomes have a wide variety of personalities and occupations, just like humans. And just like humans, some gnomes prefer to avoid work!

Note this gnome’s relaxed demeanor, compared to the strapping, active young gnome with the verrry tall hat, who lives a bit further out on the lawn. (right)

These gnomes live at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center  located in Holderness, NH  which is in the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee region.

The Science Center is a fun and prosperous location for local families and tourists as well.  This is an ideal location for a gnome to make his home. The people are good-hearted, kind and fun. Prosperity is a plus. All these are in a gnome’s realm of earth duties! So while this gnome is goofing off – his mere presence means the organization is a good-hearted one!

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