Fremont Petroglyphs

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Fremont Petroglyphs

These ancient pictorial records – called petroglyphs – were created by people who lived in the Capitol Reef, Utah area between 300 to 1300 CE. They are known as the Fremont Petroglyphs. This is a Limited Edition art print.

More Information

Petroglyphs are images pecked into rock, as here. We also have records of ancient peoples in pictographs, which are images painted onto surfaces.

The purpose of these images is often debated, depending upon your view of Native American cultures and their belief in star people who visit them to impart information, tools and protection. Many of the images are for success in the hunt. Others are fantastical beings. The images of beings in headdress could either be in the tradition of dressing in masks for ceremonial purposes, or as some believe, recording the culture’s contact with extra-terrestrial beings.

Is that a happy rock spirit looking on from bottom right?

There are many petroglyphs at the Fremont Petroglyph site. You can see more by clicking HERE.

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