Cottonwood Tree Community

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Cottonwood Tree Community

This old Fremont Cottonwood tree stands at the entrance to the Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef, Utah. The spirit images of numerous animals and nature spirits are housed inside its trunk.



More Information

The Gifford Homestead is an old Mormon site, located in the beautiful Capitol Reef area of Utah.

This Cottonwood tree is one of several that stand near the homestead entrance. All are rich with life forms of many types of beings. Shown in this Southwest Trees area are a number of images from these trees.

Below are photos of this tree. I also wrote an article about the trees at the Gifford Homestead which you can read by clicking HERE

Cottonwood Close Up

Cottonwood Diagram

Long View of Gifford Tree

Freemont Cottonwood header

Man Dog Lady in Cottonwood

heart in old cottonwood tree at Mormon Gifford House, UT

Cottonwood Pixie


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