Forest Shrine

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Forest Shrine

Walking through the woods, I came upon a forest shrine. It is in an outdoor temple area – a flat congregational area with two large altar rocks at the base of a small hill rising to two stone figures. This is an interdimensional area that connects to another world, should you discover the right frequency. Otherwise, a hiker would only be aware that they feel very good in this small river plateau…and continue on.

More Information

This is a Temple Complex in Another Dimension

The product photo is the male shrine in a set of male/female energies. The female shrine is harder to see – it is left in the photos below. Below right are the two altars set up in front of the shrines.

View from Female side

Two Altars

These shrines are also portal guardians. They stand against the cliff wall, on either side of an interdimensional door. It is one of those mysterious doorways that appear in ancient temples throughout the world. It is a door that doesn’t open and appears to lead nowhere but is actually a well-protected gateway to another world. This outdoor cathedral is the work of interdimensional artisans. In our earthly dimension, it is part of Illinois Canyon, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois.

This is a complex story – CLICK HERE to see images and read about the site, from an interdimensional perspective.


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