The Fish King

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The Fish King

This highly ornate nature spirit overlooks the river running through the Lost River Gorge, NH. His spirit attendants informed me he was the Fish King (he did not dain to speak to me himself).

More Information

This rock spirit Fish King reigns over a section of the dancing brook that wends through the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves in New Hampshire.

I love his ornate accoutrements – the various colors of moss and lichen that decorate his granite face, his pronounced mouth and eye. His mossy Mohawk hairdo – short on the sides, long on top – is held back nicely by the pine tree trunk. He has a very regal air about him – king of his own turf, and pleasantly in control!

The Fish King is one of my personal favorite stops on my visits to Lost River (it’s not listed on their brochure). The Lost River Gorge itself is a favorite spot of mine…there are so many poetic rocks in this scenic Gorge, which has put on a show of sheer beauty in response to the admiration bestowed on all its parts throughout the centuries.

Long ago it was a home to Native Americans. Today it is a protected site enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. Fish King

The dancing brook is called Moosilauke Brook and is a tributary of the Pemigewasset River.

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