Exploring Emotions

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Exploring Emotions

This tree lives on a college campus in California and is exploring and expressing the many emotions of campus students.

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Some trees and rocks very much enjoy being around life forms who are full of energy, curiosity and openness to new concepts. Some thrive on this environment and respond by developing complex and profound ways to express themselves.

I’ve found particularly complex trees and rocks in public parks and on the grounds of schools, colleges and libraries.

This expressive tree and rock live at Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. The longer you look at these two, the more subtle images you see. The images run the gamut from hearts to various open eyed expressions of opening awareness to anger and sinister images – all the varied emotions that are juggling for position among college age youth.

The close up shows a messenger face – one eye visible, the other in spirit. It lives on the back side of the tree. Overlighting the spirit eye is a heart with a face inside it – spirit exploring the concept of love. There is another heart in the throat area – learning to express love. The third eye area is recessed, as in inner exploration. and it looks like a darker area of lips overlighting the mouth. There must be many student couples over the years who’ve stopped for a kiss under this tree!

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